The 3 secrets to feeling better quickly & losing weight easily during perimenopause & menopause

(without diets, doctors or HRT)

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Are you ready to take back control of your hormones and regain your life and body?

In this 45–minute webinar, you’ll discover how to:

  • Feel 100% normal again without diets, HRT or drugs
  • End the emotional rollercoaster and feel calm, confident and in control
  • Lose weight easily without calorie restrictions or exhausting exercise routines
  • Get back your energy and vitality so you can feel yourself again
  • Banish brain fog so you can feel focused and clear-headed
  • Sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and full of energy
  • Get your life back and fix your hormonal issues without drugs or medications
  • Help your loved ones understand what you are going through so they can support you

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free hormone balancing guide
Inside this free eBook you’ll discover the natural solution to overcoming all your symptoms of perimenopause and menopause — naturally.

You’ll learn the right daily routine to help you get back to feeling your best quickly.

You’ll receive a 5–step plan to help you easily balance your hormones so you can experience lasting weight loss, renewed energy, improved moods, reduced stress and a clear mind.


  1. Best hormone balancing foods
  2. Hormonal symptoms evaluation chart
  3. Quick reference summary of the webinar
  4. Bonus hormone balancing recipes
  • review andrea parker
    Andrea Parker icon speech star recommends Belinda Benn
    July 7

    Wonderful and caring environment with no judgement, just loads of support! So encouraging to know many other ladies are struggling to cope with the craziness of hormones during menopause. Highly recommend this journey with Bel!

  • review debs robinson
    Debs Robinson icon speech star recommends Belinda Benn
    July 28

    No matter where you find yourself within the menopausal process, feel confident that Bel can guide you through. Only you can decide which path you take, but take it from me, she will listen and respond to you as an individual! Good luck! X

  • review renee vester
    Renee Vester icon speech star recommends Belinda Benn
    July 28

    If you have googled high and low to find what you should be eating to balance hormones, then you are in the right place. After a week, my sugar cravings subsided. I’ve lost weight and feeling calm after a few months of eating whole foods.

  • review jules lin
    Jules Lin icon speech star recommends Belinda Benn
    July 30

    I have never encountered such a well-researched eating and exercise program for women. If you are a perimenopausal woman or are struggling with hormonal changes and imbalances there is so much life changing information and support for you here. I have a better body now at 45 than I did in my 20s and 30s! I never feel hungry. I am sleeping well. I cannot recommend Belinda Benn and her team highly enough…this program is worth every cent. Thank you for giving me my life back ladies!