Feeling confused about what to eat in perimenopause or menopause?

Here’s your exact, easy-to-follow Eating Plan for feeling better and losing weight (without dieting, calorie counting or spending hours in the kitchen)

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  • Stop guessing what to eat and start feeling better today
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  • Learn how to balance your hormones without medications
  • Lose weight easily without dieting
  • Control cravings and emotional eating
  • Regain control over your life by taking charge of your health

Within a few short weeks you can reclaim your energy, health and vitality with delicious and satisfying foods.

Hormonal changes affect our metabolism, blood sugar levels, appetite and cravings…

But you don’t need to keep struggling through every day feeling tired, cranky and overwhelmed.

The problem is your sex hormonal imbalances and the solution is the right hormone-balancing foods.

The Menopause Eating Plan is a safe and simple all-natural solution to perimenopause & menopause and consists of an easy-to-follow proven plan with delicious recipes, meal guidelines and shopping lists.

  • Quickly reverse all your symptoms by learning how to balance your hormones naturally by eating the right foods
  • Eat well and lose weight with delicious meals and easy recipes – never go hungry
  • Keep your blood sugar stable and eliminate sugar and carb cravings
  • Live life full of energy without being tied to a restrictive diet
  • Follow a simple daily routine so healthy eating becomes effortless
  • No more wasting money on diets, fads, shakes and pills that don’t work
  • Feel healthier, happier — like your old self again

You do not need to be “on a diet”…

If you think your answer lies in the latest diet, detox or supplement – then you’ve been misled.

You simply need to eat:

  1. The right hormone balancing foods
  2. The right portion sizes
  3. The right foods at the right time of the day

Eating the right way for your hormones and health is easy once you know how.

What you get

  • Delicious

    eating guide delicious
    Blueberry Breakfast Cake
  • Nutritious

    eating guide nutritious
    Avocado and Seed Salad
  • Satisfying

    eating guide satisfying
    Pick-Me-Up Energy Balls
  • Affordable

    eating guide affordable
    Butter Chicken (dairy free)
  • Discover 70+ flavour-packed recipes – no need to cook separate meals for the family
  • Enjoy a wide range of hormone-friendly nutrient-dense foods – to help you feel better while losing weight
  • Save time and money with simple, tasty, and easy to find ingredients – all from your local supermarket
  • Say goodbye to cravings and never go hungry again – stay satisfied and energised all day long, every day

You don’t have to stay stuck and on a downhill slide battling with fatigue, weight gain, stress, inflammation, insomnia, and mood swings…

You can get back your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-image and feel better naturally and easily…

Order now and get immediate access to:

  • Over 70 most popular, delicious and satisfying recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks)
  • An easy-to-follow daily eating guide proven to improve all your hormonal symptoms
  • Top hormone balancing foods you need to be eating more of to feel better quickly
  • How to easily keep your blood sugar stable to boost energy and avoid cravings
  • Common self-sabotage traps to avoid and what to do instead to lose weight and keep it off
  • Top 10 foods you must have in your pantry and fridge so you never go hungry or feel caught out with what to eat
  • Expert guidance for vegetarians and vegans, gluten, dairy free and common food sensitivities

This is your chance to feel better starting today, just like the thousands of other women I’ve helped worldwide.

See what other women are saying

  • review juliana vassileva
    Juliana Vassileva
    9 months ago

    The Nutrition Plan appeared to be for me one of the most important and positive changes that I've made when I entered my 45 years. I never expected that the meals would be so delicious, easy to prepare. I can confirm that all sugar cravings completely disappeared. After almost 6 years with it, I can definitely recommend to anyone. Just follow the principles and in no time you can enjoy with great results. Good luck to everyone. Thank you Bel.

  • review placeholder
    9 months ago

    I found the plan and recipes easy to follow with lots of variety. I think the advice to 'just make one change at a time' is so helpful. I have completely changed the way I eat and happily have carbs for breakfast and lunch without a thought and cut them out for dinner. The exercise routines are great and there's always someone to go to for advice whether it be your coach or the Facebook group - I totally recommend the plan.

  • review renee vester
    Renee Vester
    2 years ago

    If you have googled high and low to find what you should be eating to balance hormones, then you are in the right place. After a week, my sugar cravings subsided. I've lost weight and feeling calm after a few months of eating whole foods.

  • review tracey hamlin
    Nova Skipp
    9 months ago

    I just love Bel’s recipes on the program. I have always eaten healthily but relied on too many carbs and not enough protein or fat and didn’t eat regularly enough to balance my hormones. Her tasty meals have re-educated me about women’s nutritional needs as they age, particularly in the difficult time of perimenopause. I especially love her healthy Waldorf chicken salad, prawns with lemongrass & green vegetables and the granola snack bar, which I break up and eat with almond or oat milk for breakfast on days I want a change from my cooked oats. Bel is always very quick to reply to any query and her weekly group calls and online FB group keep me going! I would recommend this program to any woman between 40-60 or indeed any woman full stop. Actually my whole family enjoy the recipes, so strike that, I would recommend this program to anyone!

  • review placeholder
    Kirsten Wild
    9 months ago

    I joined this programme last year. There are so many resources and support to access. The nutrition plan is easy to follow once you get the hang of it and I mainly use the recipes in the recipe library. I especially love the breakfast and lunches and the snacks, I tend to stick to meat and lots of veggies for dinners. Have really reduced my carbs which has made a huge difference with gut symptoms.

  • review catherine mariotti
    Catherine Mariotti
    9 months ago

    Before I started with Belinda’s program, binge eating was a huge problem for me. By following the program’s suggestions of eating the right food at the right time, I was able to get my binging under control. The afternoon shake made all the difference to me.The recipes are delicious and very easy to make. It feels so good to be eating well and in a way that supports my body as it goes through this next stage of my life. Thanks Belinda for an awesome program and for all the support you offer us. Catherine

  • review placeholder
    Deborah Smith
    9 months ago

    I have simply loved every aspect of this plan. The diet plan is so easy to follow, with delicious recipes and snack options. For someone like me that could not give up sweet treats, there are many healthier recipes for making your favourite foods, without ruining your efforts. My favourites are the rhubarb muffins and chocolate brownies. My children are vegetarian so I was able to follow the vegetarian plan, giving them yummy dinners too. I eat more now than I ever have but it is evenly spaced throughout the day, meaning no energy dips or rushing for the sugary cheats. Thank you Bel for changing my life as I have my old self back...in fact, a new improved me! Much lighter, happier and menopause symptom free!

  • review placeholder
    Joanna Rigby
    9 months ago

    I joined this programme nearly two years ago and I haven't looked back. It took me some time to pluck up the courage to join as I was really concerned I would 'fail' at it. I was worried that cutting carbs out at night would be too difficult (I have always loved my pasta and potatoes on an evening) and as we were in the midst of a pandemic and in Lockdown I was enjoying far too many glasses of vino that I wasn't sure I could do without. So, I knew that if I joined I needed to be 100% committed and it scared me. I now know that it isn't the case, this is a program for life and we all fall off the wagon every now and again, but that's the beauty of it — you can get right back on it. I realised quite quickly that when I did fall off the wagon for more than a few treat nights, all my symptoms came back so it just wasn't worth it. This is definitely a way of life and not a diet. The recipes are delicious and so tasty. Prior to joining the program I was eating far less and yet I was still putting on weight and constantly hungry. I counted around 25 symptoms of the perimenopause and I felt dreadful. After having the most wonderful consultation with lovely Belinda I realised I had nothing to lose. Within days I started to feel so much better. My palpitations disappeared as I was keeping my blood sugar levels even throughout the day with this amazing nutrition. I have my slow releasing carbs in the morning and at lunchtime and then only protein and veg in the evening. I don't spend my days starving though as I eat 5 times a day and really enjoy my healthy morning and afternoon snacks. Whereas before, I used to hate breakfast, so I skipped it as I thought it was boring, now I look forward to it so much! This program has made me realise how important the right nutrition at the right time of day is. Carbs do NOT have to be cut out, they just need to be eaten earlier in the day. I don't have anything with refined sugars in anymore, but there are plenty of lovely 'sweet' recipes on the program, using maple syrup or honey. I never weighed myself as I found it too depressing but I started to measure myself to keep an eye on things. The change in inches was slow but within five months I had lost 8 inches off my waist and hips and I was finally back in a size 10 (from 14), something I hadn't been in for years! This program really does work and it's not a chore at all, it's a way of life. Through such great nutrition and amazing workouts I can keep most of my perimenopause symptoms at bay. I am on a maintenance plan which works. I honestly don't think I am depriving myself of good food and wine as I still eat incredibly tasty food on this plan and then on weekends/holidays I will treat myself to wine and the odd Takeaway. This is most definitely not an austere boring diet, it is a life changing way of eating that still allows treat nights. I am eternally grateful to lovely Belinda and Coach Rachelle xx

  • review nicolette marson morgan
    Nicolette Marson Morgan
    9 months ago

    I couldn't understand that even though I was eating well I always had an energy drop in the afternoon. And with a toddler at 50yrs old I needed all the energy I could get. The programme explains what to eat, when and gives ideas for portion control. Eating Seeds, berries, carbs before 5pm all helped with my energy and low energy in the afternoons disappeared along with broken sleep (I no longer experienced the sugar spike and slump).The recipes are easy to follow and broaden your knowledge of healthy and tasty food. Even a simple tip to swap honey or sugar for a sprinkle of Cinnamon on my porridge not only gave me that natural sweet taste but also balanced my blood sugar levels. Yes HRT can help however, for someone that can't take HRT this programme helped to manage the ups and downs of hormones naturally. I would definitely recommend the programme not only for hormone balancing but for eating well and living well. The coaches and Belinda are knowledgable, accessible and always on hand to help you take that next small step forward.

  • review isabelle mary fitzgerald
    Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald
    2 years ago

    I’m so grateful for finding Belinda Benn’s program. Not only is Belinda caring, supportive and truly passionate about women’s health and hormones, both Belinda and her team are there every step of the way to help you make positive changes in your life. I love the exercises, and my body feels fitter and stronger. My sleep has improved and I feel like I have a much better understanding of my body. This program has been a blessing in my life. Thanks so much Belinda, Isabelle Fitzgerald

  • review tracey hamlin
    Tracey Hamlin
    August 3

    I am so glad I joined this program, it has changed everything for me. No more bloating, heartburn, mood swings. I feel better than I have done for years and lost 6lb in the first 3 weeks. There’s so much support and the nutrition plan means you are never hungry. The support from Belinda and your coach is there throughout. I would definitely recommend this to any woman who feels they’ve lost their old, invigorating self!

  • review placeholder
    Vivienne Linford
    9 months ago

    I absolutely loved everything about this program . Belinda turn my hole life around . Her love and support was amazing . The recipes where very easy to follow and very delicious . I can’t thank Belinda and her team enough ❤️

  • review placeholder
    Jasmin Frances
    9 months ago

    Join this wonderful group, led by an amazing woman, Belinda. She helped me at a time when I was confused, in pain and seemingly endlessly exhausted. Bel's caring, knowledgeable and fun program educated and helped me return to myself. I feel so much better and even though I no longer need to subscribe to her website, I still hear her voice encouraging me on. She knows her subject inside out and I would heartily recommend her.

  • review lorraine oneill
    Lorraine O'Neill
    2 years ago

    Oh my goodness Where do I start - I can not say enough wonderful things about this program (not enough room here lol) Top notch support and information on the site. You are NOT a number - it’s NOT one of those programs where u you join and you’re on your own. You are personally supported and guided along the way - you are not alone in this. This program isn’t all about weight loss either - it’s about our entire being I have never came across a program like this - it has helped me sooooooo much in all senses and yes in weight loss too - I feel so much better and I’ve learned so much — it’s a fabulous program to be a part of ❤️❤️ Just do it - you won’t be sorry 🥰

  • review placeholder
    7 months ago

    This has been a great holistic programme, not only does Bel go through the symptoms of per- menopause and menopause. Her team supply useful information on food and nutrition. Exercises, an online coach, and a weekly support were you can ask those questions that have plagued your mind. As I had no mother to ask and my friends had not started or didn't have the same symptoms, this difficult journey was made more bearable thanks to Bel and her undevided attention. Thank you, I shall always be grateful — you really don't know how much you have helpedLorna xx

  • review placeholder
    Nicola Rea
    8 months ago

    I joined just over three years ago. I was always was an active person and into healthy eating etc. but noticed that despite whatever I ate, reduced my eating, upped my exercise — I was putting on weight! I was tipping 12 stone. Apparently I was going through the initial stages of the menopause. I contacted Belinda in frustration and she offered me help. Help and advice which I took on board. I was eating more! I was exercising differently — no more long running miles. Belinda told me that no matter how many miles I ran it wouldn’t get me stronger and leaner! I was shocked but she was right! I started to do more resistance training. I was eating and training smarter. Three years on I’m a steady 10 stone weight and a size 10. My menopausal symptoms have really reduced. What I like about the program that it’s not one size fits all. Each program is uniquely designed to suit your needs and fit around your schedule with a personal coach on hand. Highly recommend.

  • review sue forsyth
    Sue Forsyth
    8 months ago

    The support and sense of belonging is the best thing about this programme. The range of exercises is fabulous from absolute beginners to advanced, depending on where you are when you start and also giving you the chance to advance at your own pace.

  • review placeholder
    8 months ago

    Joined the programme to deal with perimenopause hormonal, mental and weight issues. The support both from Bel and coaches as well as on FB is amazing. The workouts are well structured and plenty of variety so you can find what works and mix and match as required. They’re well explained and most have handy PDF guides so you don’t have to be online. They’re really effective and can fit in with mood, time and energy yet still show results. Would be great if there were also audio-only versions of the yoga workouts and also stretch recommendations at the end of each workout but those are minor niggles. Thoroughly recommend both the programme and the workouts.

How it works

Why it works is simple…

The key to long-term success and sustainable results is knowing exactly what to eat every day. Once you know this, making the right choices is easy…

  • You’ll learn how to make smarter food selections to help balance your hormones, mood and energy levels
  • The recipes are easy to prepare and they’re designed to take the guesswork out of cooking and preparing food
  • All the meals are tailored to your hormones and lifestyle and have the perfect balance of nutrient dense ingredients to keep your blood sugar and hormones balanced – so you can eliminate cravings and lose weight without dieting
  • The Daily Meal Plan will help you prepare ahead so you can easily make excellent eating choices, reduce time in the kitchen, and save money at the grocery store
  • Each recipe has a photo for easy reference, complete nutrition facts and tips on how to keep your meal healthy without counting calories or carbs. Even if you hate cooking, there are easy fool-proof recipes that take as little as 15 minutes!
  • And I’ve included a few delicious treat meals and snacks so you don’t feel like you’re giving up your favourite food
  • I’ve included a simple food shopping guide that takes the guesswork out of eating well, so eating becomes stress-free

By following my Menopause Eating Plan, you’ll know exactly what to eat in order to feel great again and reverse all your hormonal symptoms using food as medicine.

You’ll not only be surprised at how easy it is but you’ll look forward to your next meal instead of stressing about what to eat.

Why it works

The changes of perimenopause and menopause disrupt your hormonal body clock leading to poor sleep, anxiety, fatigue, moodiness, weight gain, and cravings. But by…

  • Establishing a regular daily eating routine that’s in sync with your hormones you can easily improve all your symptoms naturally
  • Eating the right foods at the right time of the day will have a powerful hormone balancing effect and will improve your sleep quality, energy levels, ability to lose weight, mood, and body temperature regulation (hot flushes)
  • Keeping your blood sugar levels stable with the right slow-release high-fibre foods will improve your energy and brain fog, help you sleep better at night and eliminate cravings so you can lose weight easily
  • Eating more adaptogenic and hormone balancing plant-based foods will help your body adjust to the decrease in sex hormones and compensate for the hormonal changes so you can feel better. It will also help to improve your digestion and reduce inflammation.

However, these changes don’t mean you need to be vegetarian or vegan and never eat meat or dairy. (There are important benefits to eating lean animal protein). Instead, you’ll be increasing the variety and quantity of these special plant-based foods. If you’re already a plant-based eater I have a vegetarian and vegan version of my nutrition plan just for you.

With a few simple changes you can easily support your body’s ability to restore hormonal balance and improve all your symptoms naturally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Midlife Hormones Daily Meal Guide is simple and straightforward, giving you the big picture guidelines on how to eat in sync with your body clock and hormones to start feeling better quickly.

Delicious recipes! You will find easy to make hormone-friendly recipes that will fill you with nutrient-dense and fibre-rich whole foods. You’ll never go hungry (this is NOT a diet).

Absolutely. I provide suggested swaps for common allergies and food sensitivities. You can always contact us for advice or help with specific digestive issues.

Yes. You’ll receive a dedicated eating plan (with recipes) that accounts for your specific nutritional requirements.

Each recipe will come with standard serving sizes so you can easily adjust according to how many people you’re cooking for.

The Midlife Hormones Program is a revolutionary online coaching program dedicated to helping women reverse all their symptoms of perimenopause and menopause with the right hormone balancing nutrition, lifestyle changes and gentle exercise. You can read more about the coaching program here.

We love hearing from our clients! If you need assistance, please message us using the chat icon at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.