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Menopause comes with hidden struggles

  • You’ve lost the woman you used to be?
  • Feeling exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally?
  • Gaining weight rapidly, especially around the waist?
  • Unable to sleep through the night?
  • Overwhelmed, irritable, sad, anxious or stressed?
  • Struggling with brain fog, forgetfulness or fuzzy thinking?
  • Using sugar, carbs, caffeine or alcohol to cope?
  • Feeling isolated and alone, unsupported or even desperate?
  • Worried about your future, anxious things might get worse?

You can end your suffering and stress…

  • review jules lin
    Jules Lin
    July 30

    I have never encountered such a well-researched eating and exercise program for women. If you are a perimenopausal woman or are struggling with hormonal changes and imbalances there is so much life changing information and support for you here. I have a better body now at 45 than I did in my 20s and 30s! I never feel hungry. I am sleeping well. I cannot recommend Belinda Benn and her team highly enough… this program is worth every cent. Thank you for giving me my life back ladies!

  • review michelle pargeter
    Michelle Pargeter
    July 29

    Discovering Belinda Benn’s program has changed my life. Bel and her team are incredibly supportive and are always on hand to guide and inspire. The recipes in the nutrition plan are easy to make and super tasty, and my wonderful coach, Rachelle, who provides me with endless encouragment, has given me exercises that take my back and neck issues into account. I felt so alone before, struggling with my menopausal symptoms and trying countless things to overcome them, but on Bel’s program I am feeling so much better and continue to improve each week. If you’re thinking about joining, do it! It really works!

  • review joelle arseneault
    Joëlle Arseneault
    July 7

    This program is changing my life! Started almost a month ago and within days I could already see changes! Lost 8 pounds in the first 2 weeks of following the nutrition plan, what a bonus!! The plan is very comprehensive, recipes are delicious, a coach helps you with choosing the right exercises and is only a message away and so is Bel when in doubt about anything. Both are very present and eager to help you be and feel your best! My only wish is that I would have heard about your program sooner Bel. All the years of feeling “off”… but no more. My hot flushes are gone, my mind is clear and years ahead are looking much brighter. Thank you Bel and Jasmine. 💖

  • review tracey hamlin
    Tracey Hamlin
    July 7

    I am so glad I joined this program, it has changed everything for me. No more bloating, heartburn, mood swings. I feel better that I have done for years and lost 6lb in the first 3 weeks. There’s so much support and the nutrition plan means you are never hungry. The support from Belinda and your coach is there throughout. I would definitely recommend this to any woman who feels they’ve lost their old, invigorating self!

  • review jillian selwood
    Jillian Selwood
    August 26

    Hi Bel

    I have been absolutely blown away by the information that is available on your website. The help and support from you, Rachelle and everyone else in the group is incredible.

    Apart from you coming to do my shopping and cooking I’m not sure what else you could possibly do!

    Thank you so much, I am so grateful that I found you. Jillian 💜💜

  • review mandy bernard
    Mandy Bernard
    July 28

    Belinda Benn, I would highly recommend, she has given me a new lease of life. I have been struggling with peri menopause for a couple of years and was at the end of my tether. Her fabulous nutrition plan, exercise plan and positive videos / chats each week with her has really helped and I’m feeling completely different and full of life again. Bel is very responsive to any questions you may have and very helpful throughout this journey. A very Big thank you Bel and to her team. Xx

  • review susan stewart
    Susan Stewart
    July 28

    I have been following this program for quite awhile now and I can honestly say I don’t think I could live without it… Bel and her wonderful, warm, caring supportive team not only guide you through nutritional eating and exercise, personalised just for but also through everything that means to be a woman going through life changes and lifestyle challenges of any age. Thank you so much Bel and Rachelle… 🥰🥰🥰 So highly recommended xx

  • review lisette nelson
    Lisette Nelson
    July 27

    Hi everyone, I spent a lot of time researching menopause, the symptoms (there are a lot), the cause and how to fix it. There are so many different sites out there but I chose the Belinda Benn programme as it is down to earth, makes sense and has the personal touch. I was amazed that Belinda called and we talked about my issues and how the programme could help me. The ongoing support has been great and the programme does work. I now have the ability to understand what I need to do to manage my symptoms. The benefit of some weight loss, better sleep and less hot flushes as well as healthier eating of the right foods at the right time is great. I highly recommend the programme and thank Belinda for giving me control over menopause. XX

  • review albina cornelio
    Albina Cornelio
    July 30

    I was feeling very ‘stuck’, not sleeping as thought I would give the program a go as it was specifically targeted to someone like me! I wouldn’t have believed that within a week (could of days actually) I was sleeping 5–6 hrs a night and feeling like my old self again! So glad that I made the decision to look after myself first and with the help of the program and my coach Juanita I feel very supported along the way! Give it a go! You will not regret it! 😁😁

  • review ae charland
    AE Charland
    July 7

    I have been following Belinda Benn for a few years now and her program has been of great support to me as I navigate the aging process. She and her team are very well informed and bring a wide range of experience in fitness, nutrition, and in managing life and hormonal changes. This allows for a dedicated personal approach through one on one coaching. Belinda’s personal story and her devotion to helping thousands of women live their best life, during peri-menopause and beyond, makes this a unique program which creates long lasting results. Definitely worth it!

  • review laraine young
    Laraine Young
    August 3

    This is a Fantastic program for anyone struggling with perimenopausal symptoms. It’s been designed brilliantly, it’s very caring, motivating, easy to do and isn’t overwhelming. You get lots of amazing advice and support from Bel and your coach (if you have one) who totally get what you’re going through! They’re inspiring, non-judgemental and most importantly for me, know how to resolve your issues ‘naturally’ — no chemicals/toxins/HRT etc.

    My coach Rachelle was fantastic, so personable and gave me great support and encouragement whilst answering all my queries, especially those around food (due to allergies and general fussiness!) as well as giving me exercises that took my back and hip issues into account.

    When I started the program I was constantly tired, emotional, stressed, not sleeping, craving sugar and struggling with brain fog and very painful periods. After 12 weeks these, plus other issues, had either dramatically improved or gone and all by making small, incremental but consistent changes! I’m so glad I have done Bel’s program as I feel I have got my life back on track and I’m so much more positive about the future knowing I can control all my hormonal symptoms by nourishing and taking good care of my body and mind through yummy food, simple exercises and a bit of self-care. I can’t recommend Bel or her team highly enough, it’s a truly holistic approach that works!

You can feel yourself again

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“I’ve lost over 39 pounds and 35 inches”

lorraine before 01lorraine after 01lorraine before 02lorraine after 02
Lorraine O’Neill, 51

Before I started Bel’s Program, I was having horrible acid reflux, bloating, gas, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, brain fog, inflammation everywhere and the weight just kept creeping up every month despite everything I was trying to do.

Now I’m back to “myself” again, I feel so much better and I’ve lost over 39 pounds and 35 inches. I can’t believe how toned I’ve become from doing the exercises — my husband has been commenting on that as well 😊

I’m in the driver’s seat, (as Bel says). I’ve got my confidence and strength back. I’ve found peace and tranquility. I’m looking forward to the future.

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