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Belinda: Before you found me what kind of physical condition were you in and how did you get there? What was your highest weight? Highest clothing size?

Olivia: Before Get Lean I was extremely active and very fit. I have a long exercise history… From playing a team sport at an elite level to running a marathon. From 20 years of age I’ve battled with my weight. I’ve tried all sorts of diets and exercise regimes. I studied nutrition at University and I even trained for (and completed) a marathon in an effort to lose weight. My highest weight was 70 kilograms, my highest clothing size was a tight 12… After Get Lean I’m 55 kilograms and an easy size 8.

Belinda: How did your physical state affect other areas of you life? How did it affect you emotionally?

Olivia: My physical state, food, my weight, sugar cravings and obsessive exercise rituals have consumed my thoughts for longer than I can remember. It was emotionally exhausting and controlled my ability to really enjoy life and live in the present.

Belinda: What things did you want to change about yourself? What goals did you want to achieve? What were the thoughts going on in your mind that made you decide its time to take control of yourself? 

Olivia: My goals over the past 10 years have always been the same… To reduce body fat, to tone and to reach my goal weight and to stay there! I’ve always held weight around my mid-section, I’ve always been self conscious of my stomach and I would never wear a bikini on the beach. I wasn’t drawn to Get Lean to ‘gain control’ because I was already very disciplined. I was drawn to the program because I trusted the science Belinda used to develop Get Lean, and I needed some simple guidelines and recipes. Before Get Lean I couldn’t even boil an egg, I was useless in the kitchen!

Belinda: Before starting my programs and following my advice – were there any other programs or products that you tried? If so – what were they and kind of results did you get with those other options?

I was never into shake or supplements diets, but I was always restricting something or binging on everything! I’ve had all sorts of crazy rituals, like:

  • only eating fruit until midday
  • only allowed a latte until lunch
  • eating a bowl of rice for dinners
  • eating only rice crackers
  • running 10km+ a day, every day
  • eating only twice in a day
  • the list goes on!

Belinda: How did you feel after your very first exercise session with my program?

Olivia: Loved it… Full body strength program with my heart rate up the whole time. It challenged me but it was also very achievable. I was excited to do the next session and it was nice to have someone else to write my program for a change!

Belinda: You’ve mentioned my programs and advice are very easy to follow and stick with long term – Why do you feel this way?

Olivia: I started Get Lean for the nutrition advice. I believe Get Lean is extremely well balanced (in terms of macro and micronutrient intakes) and it promotes regular eating. For the first time in years I am cured of cravings! I have developed a positive association with food and cooking, I love being in the kitchen! I have developed some very healthy habits, a new way of life – I am confident this is no fad, it’s forever! A very rewarding place to be.

Belinda: What is your current weight? Current clothing size? How do you feel about wearing a bikini or a sexy dress as compared to when you were very unhappy with your body?

Olivia: Im excited to say I’m now weighing in at 55 kilograms and I’m the leanest I’ve been in 10 years. I fit easily into a size 8 and for the first time in my adult life I am comfortable in a bikini. I even had a photo shoot! I’ve never had abs before – now I have a 6 pack.

Belinda: How has your personal success affected other areas of your life?

Olivia: I’m a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and for the first time in my career I really BELIEVE in my work and my advice. My clients are more comfortable in my knowledge and more people are seeking my advice. I’m confident socially, I love going out because my clothes actually fit me! My moods are consistent – I think I’m a much nicer person to be around. 

Belinda: How are your energy levels – physical and mental/emotional? How do feel about your self now?  

Olivia: I’m much happier in my own skin… And that has had a huge impact on my mental and emotional wellbeing. I’m confident, my moods are consistent and I want to be around people. I am able to focus at work, I’m able to give more to the people around me, I don’t have that negative voice putting me down, making me feel guilty or distracting me from living in the present.

Belinda: What do others, who have seen your transformation firsthand, think about it? What kinds of things do they say to you?

Olivia: For the first time in my life I got a ‘wow, that girls fit’ as I walked passed a couple having lunch in a cafe! About 6 weeks into my Get Lean journey I started getting comments… My scale weight had barely changed but my body composition had! I was losing my tummy – rapidly. My legs and arms were looking more defined, it was finally happening and it was such an incredible experience. Now, I get a comment DAILY. People are always approaching me in the gym and I feel like my own clients are REALLY listening to my advice. The people close to me have seen massive changes in my physique… I look back on my 12 weeks of Get Lean and I think to myself “for this reward, that really wasn’t hard at all…” Bel where were you 10 years ago?!

Belinda: Do you now feel in control of your life and your health? If so, why?

Olivia: Absolutely! I don’t crave a thing! No sugar, no chocolate, no hot chips, no ice-cream – I just love my routine, my regular eating and wonderful, whole foods! I feel amazing, so healthy and so happy with where I am at physically! Training is enjoyable, I look forward to most sessions and the variety in my training program has kept me from over training and injury free. I know I can have SAFE treats now, I have the ability to STOP at a healthy portion and I don’t feel guilty about treating myself!

Belinda: Describe what a typical day looks like for you. What hours do you work? When and where do you do your exercise? When do you eat and how does my “diet” fit into your lifestyle? Please add anything else you want to add here.

Olivia: My days are hectic… I start with breakfast (something I never did), a 5:30am training session, then one or two personal training clients, then a whole day at school, then one or two personal training clients, then home to cook dinner and prepare food for the following day. I eat my first meal at 5:00am and then again every 3 hours. I try to climb into bed around 8:30pm, asleep by 9:00pm, 8 hours sleep before the process starts again. I won’t live like this forever but I have goals right now and the clean eating, regular exercise and adequate sleep are allowing me to achieve them! Thanks Bel. :)

Belinda: How has your physical success enhanced your mind, body, spirit connection? And do you feel this is the key to your permanent success?

Olivia: Your audio clip: Think Lean, Get Lean encouraged me to reflect on my thoughts. I listened to Think Lean, Get Lean regularly in the ‘early days’. It taught me to recognize, acknowledge and ‘let go’ of negative thinking. My Get Lean journey has enabled me to establish a very positive mind-body connection, which had ultimately led to my physical success.

Belinda: For other women who are reading this, who are unhappy with their bodies, what friendly advice would you share with them to let them know they can make changes just like you did?

Olivia: Get Lean is NOT a diet… It’s how we use to eat before processed foods took over our supermarkets. Get Lean is a way of life. I guarantee that if you ‘give it a real go’ you will not be disappointed. The nutrients in the ‘whole foods’ that Get Lean promotes will satisfy you and allow you to gain control of those sugar cravings. I love it, my family love it, my clients are raving about it. Everyone around me is doing Get Lean and everyone is loving it just as much as I do.

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