Interview with Justine


Belinda: How would you describe yourself prior to beginning your transformation journey?

Justine: Always feeling tired. Sick of trying diets and getting very little results in my body.
Exercises were becoming boring. Not much was changing even doing 5-6 workouts a week.
I nearly gave up until I saw your page.

Belinda: What was the turning point that made you decide “something has to change”?

Justine: I guess not getting results and I knew I could I just needed the right tools. Your
page was that tool. Reading your testimonial page confirmed it for me.

Belinda: What success did you experience early on that helped you stay motivated?

Justine: More energy. Legs started to shape better. Doing nearly 300 pop/jump squats in
a week opposed to doing the 30 I was doing a week made me feel pumped. I tried to do
at least 2 more every day :)

Belinda: What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Justine: Being too sore to workout the next day so I just re-read some testimonials and that
usually pushed me. Thinking about why I started in the first place really helped. Being at
home and doing it yourself with no one around is difficult so I needed to learn to be more
self-motivated. Picturing myself in a few months’ time looking and feeling great did the trick.

Belinda: What have been the unexpected benefits of getting in such amazing shape?

Justine: Entering my first competition in the middle of this yr :) Sooo excited!

Belinda: How has it changed your life?

Justine: I have way more self- confidence and can finally wear a bikini without feeling like
I shouldn’t in public. Opened up new doors like entering competitions and being able to
throw on clothes and not change a few times before I walk out the door. Generally just being
more confident in my own skin.

Belinda: What are your goals for the future?

Justine: To get stronger and continue to compete. Staying fit all year round.

Belinda: What advice do you have for anyone who feels like you did just a few short months ago?

Justine: Just do it!!! Stop making excuses not to do it! What have you got to lose but fat :)
and just remember sweat is your fat crying :) LOL


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