My journey with Belinda started in Oct 12 when I went along to her day long seminar at a prominent gym here in Wellington NZ. When I signed up to the seminar, I got access to her nutrition plan and workouts. At first it felt a bit like information overload, but once I started reading, it was all very easy to understand and surprisingly straight forward. And that sums up all that Belinda provides – it’s all straight forward and easy to understand. But what really clinches it for me is - it works!

How can a workout that doesn’t have me almost passing out with exhaustion work more effectively at getting rid of my fat than one that does? How can merely altering my nutrition alone – with no change to my exercise regime – cause me to lose 6 kg in 8 weeks? I don’t know the answer, I just know that it does.

I’ve jumped ahead of myself – so back to the seminar. Meeting Belinda in person was pretty amazing. If I hadn’t have seen her website and video footage for myself, I would never have believed she is in her forties and only started her fitness journey late in life. She looks like a fresh faced 26 year old. Now although I am happily engaged to a man with a great butt, I have to admit that I couldn’t help but notice Belinda’s great butt, and I decided then and there – this woman had credibility. I would follow whatever path she took me down because she was a walking advertisement for all that she stood for. The icing on the fitness cake was that Belinda is as caring and supportive in person as she comes across on her website. Lets face it, people can be anyone they want to be online – that’s why internet dating is so popular – but you can’t continue the façade face to face without the audience sensing a falseness to it. After a day with Belinda, I didn’t sense anything other than a genuine desire to help women on their journeys to a leaner them.

Basically Belinda has it all. She has the science that works, the genuine caring nature that makes it all so much more enjoyable when you’re on the other end of the website, and is a walking advertisement to the success of her advice.  Her replies to any questions are prompt and thorough, and her knowledge seems to come from an inexhaustive well of information. The recipes are incredibly tasty and the workouts are effective and easy. I travel a lot with my job and the fact I can do these workouts with no access to a gym required is absolutely perfect!

My life has changed since joining Belinda’s programme. She has empowered me to find the lean machine that lies underneath the layer of softness, and although I’m not finished on this journey, the results so far have been amazing. My only regret is that it took me a year to fully use all that Belinda has to offer. So take my advice – get stuck in to the nutrition AND exercise plans. Take it from my fiancé – the results are pretty impressive!


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